What is the difference between sandisk extreme and extreme pro

The reminiscence which you buy for your organisation‘s digicam or video recorder will influence the sorts of images and movies you could take. in case you choose SanDisk Compact Flash reminiscence playing cards, you may need to pick out from the SanDisk intense and SanDisk extremely traces. the extreme line is newer than the ultra line and takes benefit of advances in era to deliver better speeds and large ability suitable for even HD video. The ultra playing cards are higher used to save pix because of their smaller length and lower pace. As you might anticipate, but, the acute cards are more expensive than the ultra playing cards.

Sandisk has larger garage ability and better examine/write speeds, extreme cards are suitable for storing pictures and recording video. standard extremely playing cards can handiest save pix, although the SanDisk extremely SDHC cards canassist video. The sixty four GB version of the intense card ensures a minimum sustained recording fee of 20 MB consistent with 2d, which is rapid enough to successfully document genuine HD video on the cardboard. ultra playing cards do notsupport HD video.


difference between sandisk extreme and extreme prodifference between sandisk extreme and extreme pro